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 Waxing Buddy male grooming

Welcome to Waxing Buddy Johannesburg and Cape Town, what can we do for you today?

So before we start and before you continue let’s just establish the basics.

Are you Male or Female? If you are female, I am sorry this is a male waxing and grooming service for men only, so please click here. And you will be directed to a female waxing service.

So now let us continue. Waxing Buddy is a male waxing and grooming service we help men from all walks of life, old, young, big, slim, tall cope with their male waxing and grooming requirements, we are dedicated entirely too male waxing grooming and massage.

Is looking and feeling good important to you? Do you have too much body hair and finding it difficult to tame? It is our pleasure at Waxing Buddy Johnnesburg and Cape Town to offer you manscaping, boyzillian and grooming service.

At Waxing Buddy we understand that men don’t always want to go to a spa for their personal waxing and grooming needs, we also understand that doing it by yourself is not always a good idea, because cutting yourself is not fun at all.

Home wax and hair removal creams just have disaster writer all over them, leaving the lotions on too long might just burn your skin and you will be walking like a cowboy for a couple of days.

Waxing Buddy can help you trim or wax all the areas on your whole body, and best of all the treatments is done by a qualified male waxing therapist. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable standing on all fours with your bum in the air to have crack hair removed by a female therapist.

You don’t have to try and go home and explain to your wife that a young blond girl gave you a Brazilian wax.

Waxing Buddy Johannesburg is centrally located in Van Riebeeck Park, Kempton Park in a private and relaxed home studio. And our Cape Town studio is located in Parklands in a home studio with safe parking and shower facilities. 

Manscaping services is highly confidential. We are open 7 days a week from 8:00 till 22:00 so you have no excuse, pop in after work, during the day or on a week end.

Because looking and feeling good is important to you, leave the grooming up to us. Let our waxing therapist find a solution for you to tame that forest, ask your therapist about the waxing cycle and how often you need to wax.

In time you will see a reduction in your hair growth.

At Waxing Buddy everyone is welcome gay, straight, bi, and metrosexual if you have hair and you need it gone you are welcome.

If you have never experienced manscaping before please advise us so we can give you advice and explain the processes to you. Before we go and discuss waxing further we are qualified massage therapists as well so yes you will be in good hands, no funny business ne?

Let us look at some of our waxing treatments.

Let’s look at your face, please don’t tell me you like hair on your ears, peeping out from your nose or having bushy eyebrows. All these areas can be waxed and if you really want to look good why not just tint your eyebrows while we shape them.

Don’t even ask we do not wax beards! It is way too painful.

What is a Brazilian, boyzillian?

Nope it is not where we give you a cigar close but no, a Brazilian wax is the waxing of your private areas, removing or shaping the top pubic area, removing hair from the shaft and the sack. Here you will need to help us keep the skin tight and taut.

So what happens if things down there start reacting to all the attention, and rise to the occasion? Good question, nothing will happen it will make the therapists life easier to remove the hair.

Just remember we there to remove the hair from it not play with it, you can do that when you get home. We are a professional company.

Hollywood, same explanation as the Brazilian but we also include the bum cheeks and the crack. Here you will be on all fours and helping us to spread your cheeks to make hair removal easier.

And if waxing is not for you, we can always trim your hair with the clipper.

Waxing Buddy Johannesburg and Cape Town only uses professional spa products, with each treatment we offer you a clean room, high quality wax, best quality massage oils, a smile and allot of aftercare advice.

Our massage treatments is for full body relaxation, or just a back and neck massage. Try our exfoliating body scrubs where we scrub down your body with an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and leaving your skin baby soft.

At our Johannesburg and Cape town home studio we offer safe off street parking.

Waxing Buddy is a gay owned business and we only adhere to professional business practises.

Why do men wax?

Body builders are waxing to show off all their hard work in the gym, waxing the chest, back and legs shows off the muscles, and those ripped abs are not hiding behind a thick layer of hair.

Cyclist wax because of the cooler feeling, and the smooth look, and should they fall not to have the hair cause infections in open wounds.

The Business man feel way more comfortable waxing their back, chest and underarms, this makes them feel comfortable and prevents them from getting irritated with clothing brushing against hair the whole day.

The Average man on the street wax because it feels cool, smooth and is easy to maintain. No more hairy look.

Waxing Buddy Johannesburg and Cape Town offers a Manzilian waxing, manscaping, Brazilian waxing, speedo waxing, Hollywood, Butt waxing, sack and crack. Men don’t just wax to impress their wife’s, girlfriends or partners.

Waxing makes the package look even better, ever hear the saying “ trees look taller when there is no underbrush” we receive feedback the ranges from it being more hygienic , nice smooth feeling, better sex.

But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself


Waxing is effortless: you don’t have to do a thing!

You arrive at our Waxing Buddy Johannesburg and Cape town studio and depending on the body part you are waxing, your appointment could be as short as 15 – 60 min. Then you are on your way and won’t have to come back for weeks.

Skin rejuvenating: In addition to removing hair, waxing exfoliates the skin. Exfoliating leads to restored, illuminated skin by removing old skin particles.

Please note we are a professional company and we do not offer a sexual services and reserve the right to refuse service should any illicit remark be made or if personal hygiene is not up to standard.

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