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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we have been asked in the past:

Q – Is this service a happy ending service?

A – We are not a sexual service provider and we reserve the right to refuse any service, should any illicit or sexual remark be made, or if hygiene is not up to standard.

Q – What do I wear to my treatment?

A – Please wear loose-fitting clothing. You don’t want to irritate your skin more than you have to. Wear something loose and made of cotton. Comfort is key and if you are getting a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, you might want to not wear underwear afterwards for at least 12 hours.

Q – Will the area stay red for long after my waxing treatment?

A – No. Redness resulting from waxing goes away within a couple of hours.

Q – How often do I have to wax?

A – We recommend you wax every 4 – 6 weeks. Your therapist needs at least 4 – 5 mm of hair for the wax to adhere to. Some men come for a wax every 3 weeks and others every 6 weeks: It all depends on how fast your hair grow.

Q – Is sex better after waxing?

A – Hell YES! It’s all skin after waxing.

Q – Do I have to take my clothing off when I get a waxing treatment?

A – It is advisable, unless you want wax all over your clothing. BUT you don’t have to undress if you are only doing your eyebrows. You can keep your shirt on if you do your shaft and crack, but if you don’t care, you are welcome to drop it all.

Q – Suntan?

A – NEVER get waxed after you’ve been in the sun for too long! Your therapist will throw you out of the studio. Lol.

Q – Is spray-on tan or self-tan lotions okay?

A – Don’t even try it! Waxing these areas will remove your tanned look and you will have a very uneven skin colour afterwards. Wax first and then apply your lotions.

Q – Contagiousness?

A – Never perpetuate your problems on others. If you suspect you contracted something before your appointment, do the right thing and cancel until you are completely cured.

Q – Skin conditions?

A – A therapist will never wax over moles, varicose veins or any funny looking areas on your skin. It is not that they don’t want to, they are doing this with your best interest in mind.

Q – Can straight and gay men make use of this service?

A – Yes, we have no issue with straight or gay men. You are coming to us to have your hair removed or for a massage. We are not a sexual service and we will not entertain any sexual remarks. We will terminate the session if the therapist feels uncomfortable at any stage.

Q – Can I request a photo of the therapist that will be doing my treatment?

A – No. You are not going on a date with him and we don’t ask for images of you to see if you are a hunk. Seriously we don’t do this. Our therapists all have two eyes, ears, arms and legs.

Q – I have just had an operation, can I wax?

A – We do not wax on newly operated areas, but while it heals we can do trimming.

Q – I have piercings through my private area, can I still book an intimate wax treatment?

A – Yes, you can book the appointment and you don’t need to remove the piercings for the session. Just inform the therapist when you make the booking, so that we can allow a longer treatment time, as in some cases it takes a bit longer.

Q – Does your price include “fun” during and after the treatment?

A – No we do not offer that type of service, and will not even respond to your enquiry.

Q – What if I get a woody during my waxing treatment?

A – So what? Our therapists are professionals. They are not there to play with it, but to remove the hair from it. Seriously though, it is not a problem and it is quite normal. It is actually better if you do get a woody, because the tighter the skin the less it hurts.

Please feel free to ask us any question during your session or before your appointment.