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Our Grooming And Trimming Prices

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Grooming WaxingTrimming


Ears R 55
Upper cheeks R 55
Eyebrow shapeR 60
NeckR 50
NoseR 55
Full face wax, includes ears, upper cheeks, forehead, nose, eyebrows and neck R 225


Full leg (both)R 290R 210
½ leg (both)R 210R 110


Full arm (both)R 240R 110
Under armsR 110R 60
Shoulders (t-shirt line)R 120R 80
Hands onlyR70


Back (lots of hair)R 260R 170
Back (little hair)R 210R 130
Lower backR 120R 90
Shoulders onlyR 110R 90


Chest & Stomach – a lot of hair R 290R 170
Chest & Stomach – not a lot of hairR 210R 150
Chest onlyR 140R 70
Stomach onlyR 140R 70

Intimate Grooming

Bikini / Speedo (clean up underwear line)R 200R 120
Brazilian (front only)R 290R 150
Hollywood (front and back) R 360R 260
Buttocks only (no crack)R 110R 70
Crack onlyR 110Not offered as trim
Top pubic only R 110R 70
Shaft onlyR 90R 60
Sack only R 140Not offered as trim


Lower back, sack, crack & buttocks R 410R 320
Full Back, sack, crack & buttocksR 520R 360
Full body wax (not a lot of hair) R 1250R 900
Full body wax (a lot of hair ) R 2000R 1100
Full body massage (Swedish) (CPT only)60 minR 470
Polish and Relax (full-body scrub and relaxing massage )90 minR 720
Body polish (full-body) 30 minR 400
Back and Neck massage 30 minR 300
Lash tint R 80
Brow tint R 80
Brow and lash tint R 120

We offer gift vouchers, should you want to spoil a friend or family member. Please visit our contact page for payment options.

Please Note

We are not a company that provides sexual services and we reserve the right to refuse any services, should any illicit or sexual remarks be made. Please make sure your personal hygiene is up to standard before your treatment. If you are unsure, please request a shower before your treatment to avoid any complications. Waxing Buddy’s therapists are all male, and we cannot and will never work on any underage individuals. If you are underage, please bring your parent or guardian with.

Please inform your therapist if you are:

  • Using any steroids, growth hormones or any skin medication.
  • If you suffer from high or low blood pressure.

We are fairly busy, so please leave a message and we will call you back. Please note for security reasons we do not take calls from private numbers.

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